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Introducing HELO

HELO stands for Health and Lifestyle Oracle and is a smart, wearable device which is designed to make your life a little easier. This revolutionary wristband was is a revolutionary, extremely smart, wearable device that was developed in conjunction with Toshiba.

Here is a list of all current HELO features to give you a great overview:


Monitor your Blood Pressure

HELO allows yout to get 24/7 measurements of your blood pressure. The data is collected by a light, integrated sensor, the Toshiba ApP lite processor. Instantaneously your data is sent to the HELO App, which allows you to monitor your blood pressure over time.

Monitor your Heart Rate

Another break through features is the integrated heartbeat measurement tool. It measures heart beats per minute. And again, all data collected will be sent to your HELO App.  You can choose between repeating the heart rate test or store the results in the HELO App history log for your health physician to review.

Protect Your Loved Ones

The HELO App alows you to track all your familiy members vitals. A great addition is the implemented Emergency SOS message. If in danger your loved ones can send an SOS message,by simply clicking the button on the side of their HELO wristband. An immediate message is sent to you with their GPS coordinates. 

Prevention still is the best cure. You can set up your HELO to notify you, when your family members vital signs reach below predefined levels.

Monitor your Mood and Energy

Advanced sensors and a dedicated algorithm is used to measure your levels of mood and fatigue. Once the HELO performs the mood test the results will be displayed.

Advanced ECG (Electrocardiogram) Test

The HELO can actually perform an ECG (electrocardiogram) test! An ECG is basically a combination of heart rate and blood pressure.

HELO Teaches as Well as Learns

We all want to get a little healthier every day. You can use HELO to learn about your health behaviors and track your vital signs. It’s important to mention, that the longer you wear HELO, the more it understands you. HELO can give you suggestions based on your health habits. 

Those are the main features that make HELO a great, innovative product to have.  Can’t get enough? Read on New HELO Product Updates to come

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